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The Colony Garden Club has published "A Colony Garden Club Guide to Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Best Practices for a Greener Jupiter Inlet Colony.  This is a must-read!  A special thanks goes out to Leanna Landsmann for her hard work on the Guide.  Click on the image of the publication below.


Jason Newsted Plays at the Beach Club

December 14, 2016 -

Jason Newsted brought in musicians from all over the world for a Jupiter Inlet Colony Band Camp Special Live Concert at our Jupiter Inlet Beach Club.  He had his Chophouse Band and our own Colony Band.  Most of all, he told us of the passion for creating music and encouraging new artists and making music for everyone.  It was a thrilling evening.  Music ranged from Johnny Cash to Heavy Metal.  Although Jason, as a member of Metallica, played Heavy Metal music, we saw a multi-talented man playing all genres of music which he shared with us.  He played with different band members as the concert progressed.  Kudos to Tommy “Dawg” DiSarno, Tom Fazio, and Christian Thomas from the Colony. Mike from the Food Shack prepared a 5-star feast.  Wow, thank you Jason for sharing your gift!  Submitted by Kathie Comerford.

October 30, 2015 Grand Opening of new Town Administration Building in Jupiter Inlet Colony Slide Show

Photos provided by our resident photographer Kathie Comerford.


January 19, 2016 - With the coming infrastructure project, Mayor Comerford and the JIC Commission have set a goal: to make JIC the Greenest Town in Florida. The Colony Garden Club supports this goal with the publication of a practical guide for residents and landscape providers. The Colony Garden Club Guide to Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ outlines nine important principles “that when put into practice can safeguard our waters, protect your health and save you money,” says Mayor Dan Comerford. “I encourage all residents to become familiar with these science-based practices from the University of Florida and I salute the Garden Club for leading this important initiative.”

Guide to a Greener JIC, Florida Friendly Landscaping