Town of
Jupiter Inlet Colony

Street Signs and Stop Signs


Because of a particularly low response (11%) and a robust conversation at the February 8th Commission Meeting, we are seeking your opinion again regarding the replacement of stop signs and street signs in Jupiter Inlet Colony.  Below are the limited choices of replacement signs that are being considered.  We are proposing ten double street/stop combination signs, five double street signs, and 23 stop signs (some with pedestrian crossing signs beneath them).  In addition, we need several specialty signs - No Outlet and Reserved for Town Business.  

​All signs will be mounted on either dark green or white backed frames on dark green or white fluted poles with bell fluted bases as illustrated.  Your choices are as follows (please indicate your choices in an email to 

Please email your responses no later than March 5th:  

Fluted Posts

White  /  Dark Green

Palm Trees (small palm trees adornment between the bottom of the sign and the post)

Yes   /   No

Residents have proposed taking up a collection to purchase a boat and donate it to the town police department.  This is a cost/benefit study to give you an idea of an annual budget to operate a marine unit.  A proposed annual budget included in the study is $118,550.  The information presented here will help you figure out how much a marine unit would cost you annually on your taxes.  The simple way to figure your potential tax increase would be to visit the Palm Beach Property Appraiser's website and look up your property.  Find the "Assessed Value" and multiply it by .00031 and the result is your potential tax increase to cover the marine unit's annual budget.  Example:  1,000,000 assessed value times .00031 equals a tax increase of $310.00 annually.  Read the study by clicking HERE.  County ordinances that can be enforced on the JILONA property are contained in this Natural Areas Code Section by clicking HERE.  A couple background photos are below.  The photos illustrate dune destruction and manatees hanging around the boats.