Rules & Etiquette for Dogs in Town and on Beach


JIC has long been a dog-friendly town. To keep it so, the JIC Good Dog Club asks residents, renters and visitors who walk in Town or on the beach with their dogs to abide by the Good Dog Credo:

  • All dogs must be on a leash in Town unless on the owner’s property.
  • JIC Ordinance 09-2014 states that dogs are allowed “off leash at the public beach area so long as the dog is sufficiently near its handler to be under his or her control and to be obedient to his or her handler’s commands.” (See full text of ordinance at by clicking the link above).
  • In Town or on the beach, proceed with caution around new dogs, keeping dogs on a leash until all appear comfortable.
  • In Town or on the beach, do not allow dogs to approach strangers or children unless invited.
  • Make sure dog feces are picked up and disposed of properly.
  • If you see something, say something! A standard practice in dog parks the world over is to alert owners of behavior or a “deposit” they fail to notice. Encourage communication!

To keep JIC dog friendly, please help promote the highest standards of dog-owner etiquette and good canine citizenship!

JIC Good Dog Club
March 2015