Town of
Jupiter Inlet Colony

The Police Department receives several calls a year concerning snakes and snake identification.  The Powerpoint presentation below is an excellent source for information regarding venomous snakes you can possibly encounter in Florida.  The University of Florida created a guide of many species of non-venomous and venomous snakes that are native to our state.  CAUTION:  IF YOU SEE A SNAKE, CALL THE POLICE CELL PHONE AT 262-7548.  IT IS BEST TO KEEP CHILDREN AND PETS AWAY; DO NOT APPROACH A SNAKE FOR SAFETY'S SAKE!

This is a Florida Rat Snake (Corn Snake) and it is common in Jupiter Inlet Colony.  Many mistake it for a Coral Snake.  The Rat Snake is a non-poisonous, beneficial species and should be left alone.  See the Coral Snake photo below.  They are very different from Rat Snakes and are extremely poisonous.

Click the following link to identify snakes:  Florida Snake Information Guide

Snake Identification