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Early this morning at about 3:45 AM our overnight patrol officer spotted a Dodge Charger entering our community. When Officer Huskisson started pulling out of his parking spot on the west side of Town Hall the vehicle turned around and exited JIC. Officer Huskisson followed the car onto Beach Road and ran the license plate which came back to a car rental in Miami. Officer Huskisson conducted a traffic stop with the assistance of Jupiter Police units.  The vehicle was occupied by three males.

The driver stated he had entered JIC by mistake while “doing door dash.” The other two occupants were interviewed separately and told the same story of “doing Door Dash” but had no food or other goods visible in the car. The three males’ names were checked, they were determined to be from the Miami area, and have a history of past criminal activity. The driver gave permission to search the car, and nothing associated with criminal activity was found in the vehicle and the subjects were allowed to leave.

This morning Detective Sgt. Beckmann contacted Agents from the South Florida Task Force who are working with him to investigate if the individuals are suspected of being involved in other criminal activity in the area. It is not known if there was a fourth person in the vehicle.

Please help us protect our community against traveling thieves by locking your cars, closing your garages, and securing key fobs in your home away from windows

If you see anything suspicious, please call us by dialing 911.

Calling 911 helps our officers stay safe by letting other police in the area know we are responding. Only call our officer duty cell phone if you need information or assistance with other things. Please pass this on to your neighbors who may not receive our texts. 

Thank you,

Chief Dan Kerr