Hurricane Information

Hurricane Information

Hurricane Wind Speed Category Information
             Saffir-Simpson Scale

Category Wind Speed
1 74-95 mph
2 96-110 mph
3 111-130 mph
4 131-155 mph
5 155 + mph
  • What is the wind speed of a tropical depression?
    • When the wind speed is less than 39MPH      
  • What is the wind speed of a tropical storm?
    • When the wind speed is between 39MPH and 73MHP                                
  • When do hurricanes get their name?
    • When it becomes a tropical storm (sustained winds of 39 mph). The storm does not become a hurricane until winds reach 74 mph. About half of all tropical storms become hurricanes.
  • What is the difference between a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning?
    • Hurricane Watch - A hurricane watch means hurricane conditions (sustained winds of at least 74MPH) are possible in the area within 48 hours.
    • Hurricane Warning - A hurricane warning means hurricane force conditions (sustained winds of at least 74 MPH) are expected in your area in 36 hours or less.

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