Snake Identification

The Police Department receives several calls a year concerning snakes and snake identification. CAUTION:  IF YOU SEE A SNAKE, CALL THE POLICE CELL PHONE AT 262-7548.  IT IS BEST TO KEEP CHILDREN AND PETS AWAY; DO NOT APPROACH A SNAKE FOR SAFETY'S SAKE!

The University of Florida created a guide of many species of non-venomous and venomous snakes that are native to our state. FL Snake Identification Guide


Florida Rat Snake (Corn Snake)

Corn Snake

This is a Florida Rat Snake (Corn Snake) and it is common in Jupiter Inlet Colony. The Rat Snake is a non-poisonous, beneficial species and should be left alone. 

Many mistake it for a Coral Snake which is very poisonous (below) 

Coral Snake

Coral Snake

This Coral Snake is Extremely Poisonous