Mark Ciarfella

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Vice-Mayor Group 3
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Mr. Ciarfella started with SBA Communications in 2007. He is responsible for the
company’s U.S. tower operations, services business and new tower development
activities. Mr. Ciarfella was formerly the Vice President, New Builds at SBA where he
managed the organization’s new tower development activities. Prior to joining SBA, Mr.
Ciarfella was the co-owner of a Florida-based site development services company that
provided site acquisition, zoning, construction management and program management
services to the wireless telecommunication industry. Mr. Ciarfella has over a decade of
experience in the wireless telecommunication business working directly with PrimeCo
Personal Communications and as a consultant for multiple other carriers and tower
companies. Mr. Ciarfella has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Affairs from Florida
Atlantic University.