Town Clerk & Deputy Clerk

The Town Clerk provides quality customer service to all Town customers and residents. The Clerk is the Town's chief records custodian, and protects and preserves all official records and documents, such as ordinances, resolutions, commission and board minutes, contracts and agreements. The Clerk is the Financial Disclosure Coordinator with the Florida Commission on Ethics, the Records Management Liaison to the Florida Department of State, along with coordinating all primary, general and special Town elections as the Municipal Supervisor of Elections. The Clerk's Office also disseminates information about legislative decisions and policy issues.

The Town Clerk is the administrator of all Town elections and follows the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections for election dates and distributing candidate packages to overseeing ballots and administering the oath of office. The Clerk is also the custodian of the Town Seal and provides notary services.

The Town Clerk and Deputy Clerk also oversee the Building Department with the guidance of the Building Official. They update contractor registrations, take payments for the Building Department and issue permits once they are approved by the Building Official.



Town Clerk

Kathi Cornelius
Kathi Cornelius Deputy Clerk / Building Department Clerk